Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My NYC Visit

I saw my daughter again this weekend because her parents got me tickets to see Wicked on Broadway.

Most of the time was spent away from her, but I did get some time with her.

Right now she's really testing her boundaries in a disciplinary way and I have to say that my boyfriend and I were overwhelmed.

On another note, one notable comment from her: "You should have paid for [my daycare] because you're my real mom."

She also said she should have a sleepover at my house. Maybe it will happen.

She's really struggling with the real mom thing. I don't feel up to writing more about it, but there is a bunch going on in my head about that.

Anyway, we went to a local farm on Sunday. They were having a special event with lots of activities so it was fun.

We're going back again in two more weeks for the annual trip to the pool. They were hoping we'd have our suits this weekend, but we didn't. I'm glad because our trip to the city was exhausting and we barely got through the visiting on Sunday.

With all these visits, I'm feeling quite spoiled this summer.

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